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Metta Cassette Machine (Speed Adjustable Tape Player)

$300.00 AUD

The Metta Cassette Machine is a device designed to turn a regular cassette or tape loop into an extremely versatile instrument for noise music, sound collage, sampling, beat making and more. 

This device allows the user to slow the speed of the cassette at the twist of a knob. Lightly holding the play button down allows the player to speed up the recording to speed-core, chipmunk style sounds introducing insane analogue artifacts and crunchy warbled tape sound.

This machine is based around the skeleton of a newly manufactured portable cassette player that has been highly modified by Metta with improved audio filtering, external speed control, 1/4” mono output jack as well as mute and stutter controls for endless experimentation.

Designed to be played through guitar pedals, amplifiers or recording devices. Reverb, delay, fuzz and phasers can turn a standard cassette audio book or classical tape into a work of sound art.

Cassette mechanism in reinforced plastic enclosure, attached to an aluminium diecast Metta enclosure fitted with high-quality hand tested audio components. This device is designed primarily around sound exploration via slowed and pitched down audio, while this device does allow some extra-lo-fi warbled high speed sounds when holding the "play" button half way, it is not an always "on" option in order to preserve the life of the casette machine motor.

Please note this is a lo-fidelity device, at times when pressing the momentary switch some lo-fi clicks and pops can be heard as well as some signal bleeding when in the mute position if the cassette audio output is very high. As with all modern portable cassette players a motor/background hum is to be expected when cassette tape volume is low.

This device requires two AA batteries. (Not included)

Designed and built by hand in Brisbane, Australia.