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Metta Electric Kalimba / Handheld Thumb Piano Acoustic Electric Instrument

$240.00 AUD

Metta Kalimba is a handheld electro-acoustic instrument featuring a 17 note scale that can be tuned via tapping the metal tines back or forward with the included tuning hammer.

Pairing this device with reverb provides Mbira style world sounds and sweet bell-like Kalimba tones as found on countless studio recordings. With distortion the Metta Kalimba turns into a melodic harsh noise machine.

Wired by hand, the Metta Kalimba features a dual piezoelectric pickup system wired to a 1/4” jack that allows the user to play through amplifiers, effects and more making it ideal for recording or loud live music environments.

Hear and see the Metta Electric Kalimba demonstrated with a Boss RE-20 space echo:

This is a passive device that requires no batteries or electricity to work.

Rugged powder coated aluminium enclosure with hand in laid graphic.

Please note, as each wooden bridge piece is hand-stained, colour may be lighter or darker than pictured.

Enclosure dimensions: 122mm x 66mm x 39.5mm

Designed and built by hand in Brisbane, Australia.